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    • The self-contained design and light-shielded viewer enable examinations to be conducted in normal room lighting conditions
    •  Can be controlled via an external computer 
    • Additional software programs improve the diagnostic value of visual field examinations conducted with the Easyfield® Perimeter.
  • Easyfield® S:

    W: 274mm x D: 370-470mm x H: 314-429mm 

    W: 10.8" x D: 14.6 - 18.5" x H: 12.4 - 16.9" 


    Easyfield® C:

    W: 316mm x D: 506-540mm x H: 320-435mm 

    W: 12.4" x D: 19.9-21.3" x H: 12.5 - 17.1"

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