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SN-500 Ophthalmic Stand

Ophthalmic Stand
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SN-500 Ophthalmic Stand

  • Overhead Lamp

    Of a simple design, very easy to position and the degree of illumination is controlled by a single switch.

    View Tester Arm

    Provision is made for plenty of vertical adjustment along with one touch positioning. Outstanding counter-balancing makes this fitting pleasantly simple to handle.

    Refractometer Arm

    The range of vertical movement is 200mm, which is ideal for use with such equipment as ophthalmometers, etc.

    Lowest Arm

    An important feature of this unit is the ease with which heavy ophthalmological instruments such as slitlamp microscopes can be easily raised and lowered with the weight balancing system.

    Innovative mechanism

    Takagi has developed an innovative mechanism using an electromagnetic clutch and timing belts so that automatic sliding or manual sliding can be used at will.
    Both automatic and manual sliding mechanisms have achieved ease of use as well as excellent durability and quietness.

    Control Box

    For controlling the power output and voltage of various ophthalmological instruments, Takagi replaced the connector inside the control box. It is now possible to convert to either the low voltage type, such as slitlamp microscope (4 – 7.5V) and ophthalmometer (6V) or the high voltage type of which the primary power is direct-employed. Also three small hand-held instruments can be used.

  • Space required   535mm × 535mm
    Weight   137kg

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