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Myopia Master

Refraction, Axial Length and Keratometry

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Myopia Master

  • All you need in 7 steps:


    1. Measurement

    All key data with just one measurement process


    2. Data Analysis

    Parameter interpretation supported by ethnicity and gender-dependent growth curves


    3. Questionnaire

    Questionnaire takes lifestyle and individual risk factors into account


    4. Patient Education

    Easy patient education using the traffic light system


    5. Treatment Options

    Menu of treatment and lifestyle recommendations to choose from


    6. Take-home Report

    The Myopia Report presents the results in an easy-to-understand way


    7. Follow-up

    Trend analysis of follow-up examinations makes success of treatment visible

  • W: 266mm x D: 538mm x H: 493-523mm

    W: 10.5" x D: 21.2" x H: 19.4-20.6"

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