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5 View Tester

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    • The precise function of the instrument means smoother operation in testing for myopia and astigmatism
    • Cross cylinder and rotary prism provide the widest field of view
    • Employs an unique mechanism in convergence system
    • Testing range greatly widened by the big selection of auxiliary lenses provided
    • Greater precision and durability provided with the oil less bearings
    • By using together with the chart projector, a wide range of visual function (binocular vision, stereopsis, aniseikonia, and so on) can be examined
    • High-grade coating executed on all surfaces of lenses
  • W: 291-323mm x D: 85mm x H: 315mm (including knobs)

    W: 11.5-12.7" x D: 3.3" x H: 12.4" (including knobs)

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